Steampunk Tablet Stand

Steampunk Tablet Stand


This stand is ideal for use with Square payment system. It's also a great multipurpose stand for everything from holding you tablet, cookbooks or recipe pages in the kitchen, to watching movies on your tablet, or holding papers to be typed or mobile devices for testing at your desk.

This beautiful stand was originally designed for a bakery in California that used the Square ™ to perform credit card transactions.

The whole stand rotates 360 degrees making it easy to swipe a credit card, then turn the stand for the client to sign and complete the transaction.  Great for any retail business that uses the iPad as a cash register.

The stand is also perfect for a chef's kitchen to hold the iPad ™ while reading online recipes. The stand easily rotates for viewing while moving about the kitchen.

The stand angle is adjustable, as well, for optimal viewing at a variety of counter or desk heights.

Each metal stand is individually hand-crafted by the artist with an Industrial, Steam Punk look.

The metal is ground to a beautiful textured finish and would be an attractive addition to any retail counter, kitchen, or office.

$149 - free shipping


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